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BlueSky Beverages Pty Ltd (ACN 140 576 665) are offering up to 7,576 fully-paid ordinary shares at $66.00 per share to raise a maximum of $500,000.  This Offer is made under the CSF regime in Part 6D.3A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act).

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Letter from Matt Isles, Founder

Dear Prospective Investor,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to BlueSky Beverages and invite you to read this information on this page, and to read the offer document when it becomes available shortly, and to consider the opportunity to become a shareholder in BlueSky Beverages Pty Ltd (‘the Company’ or ‘BlueSky’ or ‘BlueSky Beverages’).

BlueSky Beverages is a fast growing, independent, environmentally focused, bottling company.  

We're on a mission to tackle Australia’s addiction to plastic, and we’re dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection - by providing the consumer with an alternative, infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle - which is 100% recyclable, resealable and reusable.   

We are Australia's first bottling company to:

  • use 100% recyclable aluminium bottles - offering filling, direct printing services, and sealing and packaging - we are also currently the only bottling company at this time to use recylable aluminium.

  • have the inhouse technology to enable us to print-direct to recyclable bottles and cans, right within our factory in Brisbane.

  • to offer our own range of spring water in 100% recyclable bottles.

We have also been working to conduct feasibility activities to determine the viability of establishing Australia's first recycled aluminium bottle production facility.  To do so is a significant undertaking which would provide a positive impact in creating a circular economy and delivering increased carbon savings every time a single bottle passes through the recycling loop.

Image of BlueSky Beverage's infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle

The 'Blue' Bottle Background

I started BlueSky Beverages as a bottling and distribution company in 2009 making the decision to move to combat single use plastic and packaging waste in 2019 with the launch of the infinitely recyclable aluminium bottle – a 100% recyclable, reusable, and resealable aluminium bottle.

My 25 year’s experience in the fast moving consumer goods sector (FMCG) working with Mars Confectionery and then across the beverage markets, has afforded me the great opportunity to bring brands to markets including, M&M’s Crispy, PODS, Grubb Bros Cold Brew Coffee and many more.    I have a passion for the environment and building brands, and finding solutions to market issues. BlueSky Beverages offers a commercial solution, fills the gap in the market and targets the small and mid-tier sector.

The move by large, global brands to incorporate recycled aluminium into their range is happening right now. Pepsi is trialling Aquafina water using aluminium; Danone is replacing some of its water brands across Europe; and, Coke is launching its Dasani water in recyclable, resealable bottles – just to name a few.

Profitable, and ready to grow bigger.

Today, both our product and market proposition are proven.  We are profitable and the Company is experiencing solid growth, with increasing interest and demand in orders for our beverages and bottling services increasing by 1200% since launch.  We expect that demand will reach an estimated 36,000 units per week in the second half of FY 21/22.

We are experiencing demand for BlueSky Beverages services and its products among hotel groups, restaurants, councils, schools, and craft breweries and distilleries.   We have partnerships with food & beverage distributors, extending our reach into retail, convenience stores, pubs, and cafes, and more.

The demand is increasing, and our factory is bursting at the seams.  Just in the past six weeks, we have secured 52 new customers, including but not limited to, the Gluttony Festival, Cairns Council, Moonee Council, Brubecks Boutique Food and Soul Bowl. 

We believe BlueSky Beverages is uniquely positioned with its offering, and technology manufacturing delivery to dominate the small-to-mid-tier market.  We have secured first mover advantage and fulfilled a gap.

Our unique technology

With a terrific team of people, we have combined several different technologies to create a unique and incredibly flexible, and nimble process. We believe that it is a process that will change the way Australians source their beverages.

Our bottling process is so agile, it is designed to allow us to as easily deliver output of 500 units for the cafe down the road as we can 500,000 units for major entertainment groups and retailers. 

However, to achieve the capacity that technology system is designed to deliver, we need to scale up and as a result are very excited to be moving into our phase two build of an Australian first (possibly global), of a fully integrated print to pallet bottling facility. 

We are raising funds to scale

We find ourselves in a blessed but frustrating situation in which demand from both small and large companies which have made the switch to our recyclable aluminium bottles, and our bottling and contract print services, is far outstripping our current capacity.

We are raising funds to increase our capability and capacity within our Brisbane factory and build Australia’s very first print to pallet beverage facility so that we can meet demand.

Early 2022 we will be commissioning our new plant which is a custom built fully integrated print to pallet - an Aussie first which will offer a level of flexibility allowing us to work with any Australian business wishing to reduce their plastic waste in beverages. We want to change the way people source beverages.

Environmental and commercial drivers on our side

With pressure from society, industry, and governments to reduce or even eliminate the use of single use plastic, there is both demand and room for the entry of comparative alternatives, including recycled aluminium.

Additionally, the world is experiencing increased growth of the ‘ready-to-drink’ (RTD) beverage sector.  This is being driven by consumer demand for convenience and healthier alternatives, packaged and sold in a prepared form and ready for consumption upon purchase. 

Simply, all 2.4 million actively trading businesses in the Australian economy can now choose to print and offer bespoke, branded beverages - using recyclable, resealable and reusable aluminium bottles.  Our washable bottle can be reused, displacing the need for a single-use plastic bottle. 

Please consider investing in BlueSky Beverages and help us to achieve our vision to prevent 10 million single-use bottles from reaching landfill and oceans by 2025.


Matt Isles, Founder



Investment Highlights

Early-stage growth bottling company generating profit.

  • 1200% growth in demand since August 2020 with demand expected to exceed an estimated 36,000 units per week in the second half of FY 21/22.

  • BlueSky’s on-premises, dynamic print to pallet production and development process delivers a flexible, efficient, and affordable bottling solution designed to deliver small-or-large scale production outputs.

  • The first and currently the only Australian bottling company to use 100% recyclable aluminium bottles – the most recycled and recyclable packaging available.

  • We are the first Australian company to have the inhouse technology to enable us to print-direct to recyclable bottles and cans.

  • We are the first Australian company to offer our own range of spring water in 100% recyclable bottles.

  • BlueSky Beverages participates in three core market segments within Australia:

    • the AUD $3.8 billion soft drink market (Australia, 2021)
    • the AUD $1.2 billion Ready-To-Drink market including non-alcohol and alcohol ready to drink packaged beverages (Australia 2021)
    • the AUD $2 billion food and beverage print services market, forecasted to be the fastest growing print sector (Australia, 2020-2025)


Our mission

We're on a mission to tackle Australia’s addiction to plastic, and we’re dedicated to sustainability and environmental protection.  

Our vision

To prevent 10 million single-use bottles from reaching landfill and oceans by 2025. 

Target objectives

  • To scale up to reach 36,000 bottles per week, and 20,000 printed cans per week by August 2022.  (Aiming to scale up to be positioned to manufacture ~1.9m FY22/23)

  • Capture 0.5% market share of the bottled water market by 2025 (~AUD $4.1M)

  • To extend our range of flavoured still and spring waters by March 2022

  • To relaunch our cold brewed coffee with 6-month shelf life by September 2022


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How do we make money?

BlueSky Beverages is a multi-channelled beverage bottling company focused on the Australian market.  

We meet a gap in the market within Australia by providing the scale of bottling service suited to the small-to-mid tier level, enabling every business the ability to design and provide bottled beverages using recycled aluminium bottles, and helping to minimise their own carbon footprint.

We sell and distribute our own proprietary products in addition to providing contract packaging core services which entail filling, labelling, and packaging, for non-alcohol beverages, and labelling on recycled aluminium bottles for the growing sector of alcohol based ‘ready-to-drink’ beverages offered by craft brewers and distilleries.

BlueSky Beverages has four core revenue streams.